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DOPE Tinctures 30mL bottles

Each bottle contains 30 1mL doses.

100% CBD 0% THC*


Our tinctures are made up of a one of a kind hemp extract that is rich in minor phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN.  This unique tincture provides a meaningful dose of minor cannabinoids that are rarely found in other products. This is a full-spectrum product that contains no THC, not even the 0.03% that is legally allowed. This product contains MCT oil (coconut oil), Pure Hemp CBD (USA grown), organic fruit extract and a proprietary blend of FCC food-grade plant terpenes. All tinctures are slighlty flavored with an organic natural flavoring, no artificial flavorings. This product is made with full spectrum organic CBD, not isolate. 

1000mg $115 


2000mg $175


3000mg $250



Gumdrops 600mg 30/ct $50


Strawberry/Lemon Combo

Tranquil Gumdrops 900mg 30/ct $70



Blueberry/Acai Combo

All of our gumdrops are vegan and flavored using cold CO2 fruit extractions. Being a vegan product, the coloring comes from lemons, strawberries and blueberries for the yellow, red and blue coloring. The coloring of batches will vary as our supplier utilizes plants and vegetables to naturally introduce color into the gumdrops. The actual compounds within the plants that hold the color pigments (anthocyanins) will vary from season/batch.

  Fruit based pectin and natural plant pigments (anthocyanin) make this gummy enjoyable for everyone. Every gumdrop is rich in terpenes, providing an uplifting and peaceful eupohoria. 

DOPE Muscle Recovery Creme 2oz $150

DOPE Muscle Recovery Creme  was formulated with a research backed Rx base, pharmaceutical grade essential oils, and organic plant terpenes that may help ease the symptoms of pain and discomfort. This creme is a one of a kind topical product that is rich in minor phytocannabinoids. This premium creme contains levels of CBC, CBG, and CBN that are rarely found in today's marketplace

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