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"I enjoy making people feel good on the inside from what I can do on the outside"

                     -Courtney Tritta

 Courtney is a licensed Aesthetician with 15+ years experience. Having graduated from Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in 2005, she was  immediately offered a position working for world renowned, 'Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas'. Catering to all types of clients, including celebrities and dignitaries. While at 'Red Door', Courtney's exemplary customer service had been written about in publications. She has taken the experience and training with her in her career. After working for two small family owned spa business' she went on to work for 'Bella Sante Spas' in Lexington and Wellesley, MA. Within the first nine months, Courtney received the highest honor you can receive, "Employee of the Year" award. Courtney had always envisioned owning her own spa one day. She took what she learned from all her experiences and has brought her vision to life with 'Courtney Tritta Beauty'.  Courtney wanted to have a space that she solely is able to focus on her clients, a space where clients feel they have her whole attention. 

Courtney has a way with putting her clients at ease. Whether it be a nervous first time wax client or a stressed out facial client, she makes all clients feel at ease during their service and as they leave her space.

Courtney has a passion for educating other aetheticians and helping them better themselves in their field. Having such experience in waxing she loves to train other professionals to make themselves more confident and provide better service to their clients. Whether it be a newly licensed aesthetician needing help getting their technique down, a seasoned aesthetician wanting to sharpen their waxing skills or someone looking to go out on their own, she is happy to be of service!


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